American Psycho Movie Explain



American Psycho 2000 Movie Explain

It is the time of 1998.

The main character of the movie named Patrick comes on the scene.

Patrick is an investment banker based in New York City. 

His life is fabricated to a large extent.

He pretends while wearing the expensive clothes

and visiting the expensive restaurant.

He does so in order to inspire his aristocratic companions and his fiance.

Even Patrick has no affection for many of them.

Patrick is telling them about his life,

Which things do he use?

As the designer's dresses, expensive furniture,

special music collection and many more.

His companions in his surroundings are also like him.

One of the companions shows his visiting card for

ostentation while comparing him with Patrick.

This visiting card is better and more expensive than Patrick's.

I like it.

Patrick is got furious thinking

how his companion Paul's visiting card seemed better than mine.

In this Aggression and senseless state,

Patrick brutally murders a homeless person with his pet dog.

After a while, Patrick intends to have Christmas dinner with his friend Paul.

The friend whose visiting card was better than Patrick's card.

Now they reach home for dinner.

A reputed background song is being played on the music player.

Patrick is telling his friend the artistic characteristics of this song.

Suddenly, he attacks Paul with an ax.

It means he murders him using an ax.

After that, he throws his dead body so that no one may find it.

Going to his house, he brings some changes.

As he keeps the photocopy of London air tickets.

So that it is thought during the investigation as Paul is not here.

Rather he had gone to London.

Then a private detective is shown.

Who has been investigating Patrick about his lost friend?

Anyhow, the story moves on.

Now Patrick brings 2 prostitutes to his house.

The background music is still played as usual.

He praises the singer of that musical band.

They all three spend some time with one another.

Afterward, picking up a tool, Patrick hurts both prostitutes with it.

Consequently, those girls' wounds bleed.

Then it is shown that those girls leave his house after a while.

Who is wounded badly?

They have been mistreated by Patrick.

The next day, Patrick invites his secretary for dinner.

She says I will come for a drink, not for dinner!

When his secretary comes to his house,

she is talking in her tune, sitting at a place.

Coming at her backside, Patrick is wanting to kill her with a Nail gun.

All of a sudden,

On the phone answering machine, he receives a message from his fiance.

that I am coming after a time.

Hearing it, he hides the Nail gun.

He says to his secretary, You may go now!

The next day, the Private detective meets Patrick at lunchtime.

Patrick, he tells him!

You are not a possible suspect of Paul's vanishing on my part.

But the question is why did he leave his house suddenly?

Patrick was listening to him silently.

That now Paul's house is vacant,

Patrick invites two prostitutes to his home.

And he murders one of them here.

Another girl runs to escape her life.

That running girl encounters more dead bodies while searching the exit.

Undressed Patrick chases her.

At last, he throws a chainsaw at that girl.

Actually, the chainsaw is a big saw for cutting of wood.

That running girl also died because of the fallen chainsaw on her.

After a time, Patrick is going to use his ATM in a time.

There he notices a cat.

While using an ATM machine,

a written statement is displayed on a screen as ' Feed me a stray cat'.

It means, Feeds me a stray cat.

This message is received by an ATM machine.

Patrick is about to kill that cat.

A lady forbids him after coming, What are you doing with this innocent cat?

But Patrick shoots that lady.

As a result, police pursue Patrick.

And Patrick also kills his Chaser 4 police officer.

Patrick is regretful of his doing till now.

So he calls his lawyer and confesses his all committed murders.

It means he was wanting to be arrested.

He confesses that he himself had murdered all.

All conversations are recorded in the phone recording machine by the lawyer.

Because the lawyer is not there to attend the call.

There is again a meeting between Patrick and the private detective.

Who is investigating the lost Paul?

He tells, His source has seen Paul in London a while ago.

It means, he has not been murdered but is alive.

He has gone to London without telling anything to anyone.

Hearing it, Patrick is gone upset and worried.

How did it happen?

I myself murdered him.

The next day, Patrick visits Paul's house

thinking if there are proofs of his sin, he may remove it.

But that house is vacant and for sale by someone.

The property states dealer reveals that Paul is not the owner of this house.

We notice the worry on Patrick's face once more.

On the other side, Patrick's secretary checks in the office,

That Patrick has drawn the different drawings of murders in the official documents.

These drawings are brutal and heart-stirring.

Now dawn breaks out and Patrick meets his lawyer in the restaurant.

He reminds him about the recorded call

He again confesses that I have murdered many people in the last few days.

His lawyer laughs at him and says,

Either you're joking or you're trying to fool me!

It is impossible because the last day he had dined with Paul in London.

Patrick is confused and tired after knowing and hearing it.

At first, the private detective told about his being alive and now his lawyer also told the same.

Patrick is unable to understand anything

and he returns to his house.

Basically, Patrick is hallucinating all of the murders he has committed.

It means to consider things true that do not exist anymore.

This was all a result of his creativity.

Because he resented all killers and meant to intimidate them.

In his mind, he formed an imaginary world in which he killed everybody.

Actually, it was her mental disorder, Patrick.

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