Ishq Murshid - Episode 01



Ishq Murshid - Episode 01

He is your brother, have some fear of God.

He is your father-in-law now.

What will we tell the people?

Huh? Hmm?

That your Uncle…

Who used to act pious before the people…

Is corrupt.

Excuse me!

He has only been accused of being corrupt…

Nothing has been proven as yet.


What if it gets proven?

Above all, what are we going to tell your sisters-in-law?

That people from our noble family are thieves, they take bribes?

Mr. Salman, do you know that stress is a very bad disease?

It takes away the right of living from the strongest people.

Please try to stay happy and relax.


Thank you, doctor.

Take complete rest, and don’t do this.

It is not the time to take rest….Tell me…

the time to appear before the commission?

Father, forget it, I will go.

Shibra, we will have to go.

If we will not go…

Their suspicion will turn right.

Let it be.

They can’t prove you corrupt even for a single penny.

I know.

Why are you taking stress then?

Several inquiries have been initiated against you before as well.

Did something happen?

: I am tired…

of fighting with the system.

And you still want me to do CSS in this system?

That’s because I never asked you to follow my path.


The path…

that does not have your pain…

That path is useless for me to follow.


Think about it.

A person walking on a straight path never collides with an honest person.

Who is wishing for an honest man?

I am your daughter…

So, I also like difficult people.

By the way, may I tell you something?


You scared me last night.

Just to prove my importance.

Where is our Hitler?

She was not feeling well, so I sent her home.

Good, good.

Let’s get ready, give me my glasses.



The entire inquiry team is inside…

And Mr. Salman is missing.

Seems like there is something fishy this time for sure.


it is possible.

It is a matter of 30 crores.

By the way,

what do you think?

Mr. Salman must have put 5 to 10 cartons aside for himself.

Who doesn’t like money?

By the way,

Mr. Salman turned out to be very miser and cunning.


He could have given a little amount to us too…

So we would have prayed for him in this hard time.

Isn’t it?

It’s true.

Greetings Sir!


Sir, don’t you worry at all.

And you will see Sir…

You will come out of this proudly this time too like before.

What happened?



Bring your hand forward.

I did not understand dear.

Bring your hand forward.

Here you go.


You were just praying.

It got answered.


Shall we go?

Mr. Salman,

you should not have come in this condition.

If you have been informed earlier…

We would have called you later.

What would you have thought about me?

What I cannot even think about myself.

Mr. Salman, have your tea.


My Father doesn’t drink tea bought with government money..

He only drinks tea with his own money.

The doctor …

has asked me to speak less…

So, I have brought my daughter along….


that she can convey my voice to you.

He doesn’t drink tea with government money, in government office….

But he does usurp the government’s money.


500 yards bungalow…

Corruption of 30 crores.

I can’t understand anything…

But he doesn’t eat from the government’s money.

Mr. Salman…

What explanation will you provide for committing a fraud of 30 crores?

Your homework is quite good.

But how was this house built, let me tell you that too.

This plot was allocated to us in the '90s…

After that one by one, sold my Mother’s jewelry, suppressed so many of our needs…

We still travel in the buses…

And we even got a house finance loan.

This is how this house was built.

There are all the files of tax returns and asset declarations.

You will find everything in that.

There is nothing hidden, Sir.

I can tell you much more so that you get to know about his financial credibility.

Mr. Salman says ….

that a liar has no legs …

but he knows how to fly.

People don’t know this but I have learnt this…

From my Father.

Whatever I heard about him during my childhood…

No matter how much and what I heard…

Whether it was good or bad…

Do you know why I heard it?

Because people expect of him something…

Which his conscience doesn’t accept.

This is the reason the neighbors,

the relatives, family members, and office colleagues stay upset with Father.

You know, I often tell him…


become a little evil…

People might start considering you nice.

Do you know what does he say in return?

He says dear…people will become happy for sure….

But the picture of this man…

He won’t like it.

My Father …

still thinks of him and his rules as alive.

He says,

that the people who hang this picture at the back…

Do you know why I hung it in the front?

He says that showing your back to the spiritual guides doesn’t bring any benefit.

If you need any further clarification then let me tell you another thing…

His daughter has been married for 3 years…

But her wedding ceremony hasn’t taken place as yet….

Financial reasons.

We are still traveling in the buses, ignoring our needs.

Yes, he has made one mistake for sure…

It was my mistake and not his.

When he fell sick last night…

I used his government vehicle by mistake.

I am sorry Father…

I had no other solution, I had to.

How many signals did you break on your way, tell that too.

Take me to Mother.


Does someone come here?

Do keep it.

Not only does it save you from the rain but it saves you from the sunlight too.

You always hurt me whenever you come.

Do I hurt you?

Of course…

One would only get hurt looking at a face like this.

Smile sometimes, Meeru.

What do you mean by you can’t find him?

Yes Sir, we are looking for him.

I will let you know, as soon as we find him.

Brother, how much are the tomatoes for?

80 rupees.

I will give you 50 only.


I will pay 30 for this.


I will pay 20 for this.


Give me some green chilies too.

They are expensive but I will give you, no problem.

Here are the green chilies.

Give me 100 rupees.

Here you go.

Are you shooting for a film?

Where is the camera?

You surely won’t buy any vegetables.

Work in the films,

You are handsome.

Or they will take you in the dramas for sure.

You look like a hero.


Where have you come from?

You don’t look like a local.

The UK.

I am also from the UK.

United Kingdom.

Umer Kot.


You are a showoff…

You are a big-time show-off.


Today, we will study about the river.

What did I teach you yesterday?

Do good deeds and cast them into the river.

What does this mean?

What are you looking at?

Uncle, please don’t smoke the pipe, kids are studying here.

This is a wrong thing, don’t adopt this, ok?

Greetings Aunty!


Where is my brother?

Thank God a million times…give me way Sister-in-law.

Oh my God, oh my God! Love you brother

move away, sister-in-law.

Oh God! I was so worried.

Why are you sitting? keep standing, keep standing?

Oh God, bless my brother with long life and health and keep him safe.

Here you go.

Go give these 50 rupees to someone poor, right now.

Take it.

Sit down, sit down dear, sit down.

I am feeling so bad giving these 50 rupees to charity.

Trust me, if I was rich…

I would have thrown 50 thousand in charity instead of 50 rupees.

Greetings Aunty!

Greetings! Greetings!

Mother means to say that she stayed worried all night long…

She wanted to come to the hospital too but…

Dear, I know, I know.

And I came running to you without wasting any time at the hospital.

I broke my shoe while running.

Show my shoe to Uncle, where did it break from?

Mother, he can see, it right there.

Pick it up, it’s your mother’s shoe, what is wrong with that?

Dear, sit.


No, no, it’s just.

Man, I saw it.

From here.

Stop it dear, sit down.

What is the matter Nargis, your brother will buy you a new sandal…

May God preserve your love and affection for me.

Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

It’s just …Brother…I can’t show you my heart.

I kept crying all night long.

I had made a vow, that until I heard good news…

I won’t stop counting beads on the rosary.



Yes, rosary, rosary.

Dear Aunty!

Aunty, I was thinking that since all your prayers and vows are fulfilled by this rosary only,

so why don’t you pray for Zohaib too?

He will get a job.


Keep quiet Shibra.


Go and bring tea for Aunty and bring something to eat too.


I have a call to attend.

Go, go.

Aunty, will you have soup?

You are great!

I am worried about my brother and you are asking me if I will have soup or not.

Cold drink?

Shibra! The tea is coming.


Are you still upset?

Why does this matter to you?

Do you know how many times I called you last night?

One can answer a single call at least.

You shattered my confidence before my entire family.

I might have shattered your confidence but I can’t break your trust by lying to you.

You know about Mother’s nature.

Who has won against her to date??



Then go and sit in your Mother’s lap, what are you doing here?

What am I doing here? Good question.

I have come here to please my pretty, beautiful, and upset wife.

Wish me luck.

Ok, stop it Sukaina, how much more will you stay upset?

Giving attitude to your husband…


What happened?


Show me.

It's ok, it's ok.

Show me.

Is it hurting too much?



But not here.


Let me try one more time.


I am sorry.

I shouldn’t have done that at all.

Please forgive me.

I will not forgive you until you will not convince Aunty.

You know very well that Father will not agree to a recommendation.

And you also know Mother’s nature very well.

If Uncle does not get me a job, Mother will not agree to the marriage ceremony.

We will never unite, why don’t you understand?

Tell me what should I do?

Your concern is justified but…

It was important for me to appear before the commission.

May this commission go to hell…

And this media too.

Honestly speaking, whenever there is some news about you…

My heart starts shaking.

May God put this media in hell.

Whether a decision is taken or not…

They give their verdict first.

No matter what someone says or does, Nargis…

My God clearly said in the Holy book…

He honors who He wills and disgraces whom He wills, in your hands is the good.

And then He called this world to entertainment only.

The doomsday is the biggest reality.

You are right brother but…

The truth is that in today’s world,

the number of honest people is not even equal to a pinch of salt in the flour.

Then this is indeed the reason of the decline of the society.

People go out to buy permissible meat with easy money in their pockets.

They pay charity in the mosques thinking that

they will turn their easy illegal money into permissible money.

God will hold people accountable for this, Nargis.

Stop it, brother.

You have placed the angels of death before me.


Come here my dear, sit with me.

Have some tea.

Thank you! Thank you!



I have heard that…

You are about to get promoted?


At the moment…

Thank you.

I am not being promoted but…

The additional charge of Director Finance is going to be assigned.

Director Finance!

God bless, God bless.

This is a very good news.


Zohaib is your son too.

You can get him any 17-grade job very easily.

Isn’t it?


Sure, why not?

When the job’s quota is announced then…


Mother, why are you giving false hopes?

You know about Father’s principles.

Did I say something wrong?


You did not say anything wrong but…

You just said it at the wrong time.

Nargis, don't mind what Shibra said…

She is our future CSP officer.

A little flexibility is missing in her nature.


Then may God protect Shibra’s in-laws.

See what is she saying to you?

: Will you have biscuits, Aunty?


Forget it.

Both of these.


It's complete.


You have brought the full amount even this time.

What are you talking about, Mr. Dawood?

I have been working for you for so long.

You should believe in my loyalty by now.

Chughtai, remember one thing…

Money and faith….

can never travel on the same path.


We shall meet then.


Where were you, man?


Do you know, how concerned your dad was for you?

Please don’t do that again.

Neither any information nor any news.

Nor any security protocols, you know there are threats.

You are precious.

I have come to attend Faraz’s wedding.

So I thought I should meet you.

But the heart needs to be clean and alive for that.

Yours has died long ago.

Yes, yes, I know everything.

As soon as girls like you get engaged in a good family…

Then not only your best friends…

You forget about your parents too.

Oh God Shibra…

Our relationship is still the way we used to be in school.

And I have personally come to give you my wedding card from so far

and you are doubting our friendship.


Or I will find a rich boy for you at my wedding, that you will keep cursing me all your life.

Oh hello!

I don’t want to get married to some rich guy.

And I am not at all fond of living a fairy tale life like the common girls.

You invited me to your wedding…

I have accepted your invitation.

All my prayers are for you Maleeha.


Prayers are not enough.

Ok, keep praying….

But along with the prayers, your presence at my wedding is important.

Look, don’t insist, I won’t be able to come.

But why?

You know that I hate going to elite gatherings.

The rich people are only talking about their wealth with each other.


You know my nature very well.

If a rich guy gets beaten up by me at your wedding, your wedding will be spoiled for no reason.

If it gets spoiled then let it be…

You will have to come.

I beg of you.

I will touch your feet and beg you if you wish to, please.

Please, please, please, please, please.

Ok, I will think about it.

You will not think, you will have to come.

Ok, let me see your card at least.

Come and sit at least.


I have designed it.

Faraz Kamal.

Hi suki!


It’s a good card, have you designed it yourself, are the wedding preparations done?

Greetings, how are you?


Greetings! Please, come, come.


Hey! Greetings! How are you?

Please come, come.

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

You have come so early.

Congratulations on your wedding.

Thank you!

You look very nice and good.

Thank you so much.

Stay happy.

Come on in.


Your Father will get beaten up by me, that’s why I am not coming in.

He gets beaten up anyway, you forget it.

Come on.

I am not going anywhere.

Come on, get out.

No, no.

What is it?

Will you force me?

: I am not forcing, let’s go, buddy.

It matters…

This is what matters.

Driving properly on the road matters.

Listen to me…

Your Father has bought you this car and not this road.

Do one thing, hire a driver because you don’t know how to drive.

A poor will get help and you will not kill someone just like that.

Excuse me, mam, behave yourself.

I am sorry, there was an accident, Aunty suddenly showed up.

Did Aunty show up or you did?

Take out the money, come on take out 5000.

5000 for what?

What do you mean by 5000 for what?

Are you taking out the money or not?

Take it out quickly.

Compensate, give her quickly, she was about to die.

Here you go, keep all of it.

Yes, good.

I hope this is enough.


What happened?

The taxi driver is not giving change.

Oh God! These taxi drivers.

Father is right, this whole system is corrupt, you may go.

I will handle him.

Only she will fix you.

Yes brother, what is the problem?

If you did not have the chance, why did you offer us the ride?

Madam, you look like you belong to a rich family, you have come to attend such a big event…

What will you lose, if you spare 100 or 150 rupees?

Ok, if I have come to attend a big event, I should leave the change.

Give me the chance.

I don’t have change.

What do you mean by …?

Excuse me!


What is it?

Can I help you?


I need change, do you have some?

Yes, I have it, I have it.


There is not enough change.

You please go inside, I will send it.

Who are you?

I am the event manager here.

You..Please go inside Ma’am, I will send it to you.

I hope you will not steal it.

: I would not have been doing such a small job if I had to steal.


The balance is 170 rupees.

I need all of it.

Cast: Bilal Abbas Khan, Durefishan Saleem, Farooq Rind, Abdul Khaliq Khan
Written By: Abdul Khaliq Khan
Directed By: Farooq Rind
Produced By: Moomal Productions & MD Productions

© Pvt. Ltd 2023

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