Ishq Murshid - Episode 02



Ishq Murshid - Episode 02

Welcome, welcome.
I knew I had a gut feeling that you would come…

That’s why, I have ordered your favorite ice cream too.

Buddy, you look way too gorgeous, how did it happen?

Give her the ice cream.

Oh yes.

Thank you, I always look pretty, by the way.

I can’t see your weird husband, where is he?

Where could he be?

He must be hiding from you out of fear.

Why would he be hiding from me out of fear, what have I done?

Tell her?

What is it about, will someone tell me something?

Greetings! Greetings!

What is there to be afraid of?

Tell me what happened.

Will tell you after the wedding is over.

So what, if it’s your wedding, at least tell me what had happened?

No, not now.

I saw Faraz on a date with some girl after the engagement.

Did you tell Maleeha then?

I wish she had done that my friend.

But she…

What did she do?

I did tell her but the first thing I did was, I took a knife near his stomach and said…

That she will kill you, isn’t it?

No buddy!


Speak up.

What could happen…

I was about to do something and say something that he fainted.

Nothing else happened, what had happened to him?



The poor guy fainted.

It's ok.

It happens.

Be careful next time, ok?

But we are expecting justice from the court…

The scope of review is quite limited

Why did you turn it off?

This is not news, this is torture.

It is all planted.

I also know that.

I also was going through the social media.

Tell me, what is the problem?

As if you don’t know what the problem is?

What do I do?

Should I start earning easy money?

Should I start taking bribes to get my daughters married?


Should I upset my Lord to please the people? Should I ruin my afterlife, what do I do?

Stop it Suleman, stop it, what is wrong with you?


If I had the slightest idea …

that my sister harbors the desire for Zohaib’s job behind this proposal, I swear…

I would never have had Sukaina married to him.

Excuse me!


Mr. Taimur…

I have been very disappointed.

We are not greedy for money…God has blessed us with everything…

But you promised that you would give Mercedes S-class to my son.

You are insulting us by handing over a local car.

No, no, Mr. Aftab, it is not so.

Why would we intend to insult you?

We are honored to establish ties with you and your family.

Try to make this relationship worthy of respect first.

You may feel honored later.

I am tolerating this marriage only because…

This is my son’s choice…

And that’s it.

Arrange for the car quickly or there will be a scene created in front of the people for no reason.

Let the scene be created then.

You are also here and we are here too.

Are your parents here?

No, why?

I wanted to ask them haven’t they taught you manners to talk to elders?

Don’t you know who are you talking to?

Who doesn’t know you?

You are a sitting Minister who has no idea…

That is your demand for dowry starts rolling on social media…

Even your stars will be in turmoil.

You are blackmailing me?

No, I am giving you a reality check.

Do you know that the person sitting next to you…

Has invested his lifetime savings in this wedding.


Because he wants to see his daughter happy.

So, whatever you are demanding, all your expectations are nothing before a Father’s love.

But why am I saying all this to you?

Where is your useless son?

The useless son who created so much fuss to get married to my best friend,

he revolted against you, took sleeping pills…

Where is that useless Faraz?

Where is he?


Who is this ill-mannered girl?

I know.




Faraz brother, please come here for two minutes.

Miss Shibra!

Yes, go ahead.

Can I talk to you for two minutes?



What’s wrong?

Sure, sure, why not?

What’s your pay?

Excuse me!

What’s your pay? How much do you earn?

Shibra, what’s wrong?

What’s wrong?

Can’t I talk for two minutes?


But why should I tell all this to you?


Why should you tell all this to me?

A person who has spent all his life on his Father’s money,

how would he realize the importance of salary?

If I remove your Father’s name after your name, what will be your worth then?



I am not here to insult someone…

But I just want to tell you that her Father has already given you a car worth 25 lacs.

Other than that, there is jewelry, clothes, and shoes in the dowry, they have given all this.

And above all, their beloved daughter…

They have given you their daughter, their most dear one.

And after all that…

Are your father’s useless demands justified?

Tell me, honestly tell me.

Are these demands right or wrong?

What’s wrong Dad?

People respect us a lot.

Especially you.

And a scene is being created here.

I only need Maleeha, that’s it.

Please, Dad.

Come on brother, start driving.

Let’s go and sleep in the room.

I don’t want to go, you go.

Why, what happened?



Stop giving attitude, tell me what has happened.

Nothing has happened.

Is it about Zohaib?

None of your business.

Suki, why don’t you understand?

Why don’t you understand that this attitude of yours will only create problems in the house and nothing else?

Why don’t you understand that Zohaib will have to do everything on his own?

Explain it to him.

Like who?

Like you?

Or like Father?

Why do you think that all the people in the family are similar?

Or they have similar mindsets.

Some people are like me…


Who need support to reach their joys.

Why don’t you guys understand this?

My dear sister….

You are my sister.

I think about you, I get worried.

You are not alone…

I care about you.

You might…

But you don’t understand that including Father, I am not the apple of everybody’s eye, like you.

I don’t have that much self-respect either…

Because I am not like you.

You are not a star but you are a moon.


Your phone is ringing.

It’s your phone ringing.

It must be a girl.

Its Shahmeer.


Receive it.


Yes, it’s me.

Can you meet right now?


Yes, now.

I have been married to Maleeha and not you.



You can’t even imagine how hard I have tried to attain this beautiful night and to reach you.

I know everything.



Wedding gift.


Didn’t you bring it?

I have bought it.

Did you lose it?

No, no, it’s here.

You can’t find it?

Wait! It’s here.


Without a box?


There is someone at the door.

There is someone at the door.

The watchmen must have come to ask for money.

Go and see.

Sorry Maleeha, I should not have entered your room like this,

you can take your time, I am sitting right here.

I have something important to talk about.

I did call you.


So, Mr. Shahmeer…

What do you want to know…

about Shibra?

Sure, sure, lie down and talk, why are you sitting?




Whatever you feel like…

Whatever you want to share.

Forget about her.

Come on, it’s over.

Faraz buddy…just go.

Ok, your worlds…

OK, you both go ahead and talk…I shall leave.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Go ahead and speak.


Your worlds are different.


She doesn’t like all this, expensive watches, rings, this money.

She considers all these things even more insignificant than dirt.

I will take it off, it’s not a problem.

But what does she like?

I mean,

But what does she like?

what do I have to do about that?

She likes what her Father wants.

OK, what does her Father want?

Her Father wants that…


Should I bring tea?


Bring the diet ones.

You give me your hand.

What are you doing buddy, have you gone mad?


I don’t know what’s happening here…

But ok, let’s sit and talk.

Yes, please, please.

Oh! Sit.

Look, tell me openly, what should I do?


Hmm, hmm.


Something which you cannot do,

even if you want to and you can’t change it either.

What does it mean?

It means, it’s time for you to get out of this room.




We both are sitting right here.

Take your time.

Right, Faraz?


We have seated.


We are sitting.


It's okay, he is taking his time.

Ok, so…

I am going.




Lock the door from outside when you leave.

Ask him, can’t he even do that?



See you!

Best of luck!

Come now.

Oh, coming.

It’s so pretty.

Do you like it?

I love it.

You know about Uncle’s nature very well.

You know how strict he is, regarding his principles and his honesty.

I don’t think, he will make any recommendations for my job.

Ok then…

He may keep his daughter at his home all her life.

I am not interested in getting you married empty-handed.

What are you talking about Mother?

You know it so well, that it’s been 3 years since my marriage with Sukaina.

How much more should we wait?

You should have thought about it before falling in love with Sukaina.

I insisted you so much, to get married to Mr. Zubair’s daughter.

You would have got a car along with a job in the dowry.

But no…

You were not ready to listen to me, so you did not listen.

You may suffer then.

I had thought to get married… and not to trade.

There is trade hidden behind these relationships.

And if these relationships don’t fulfill your purpose…

Then nothing comes out of it except for loss.

Hmm, thank you!

Shahmeer, I want to talk to you about something important.


Circumstances are not the same anymore.

Those who could not face us, are standing before us.

I hope you will understand.

Yes, I can understand.

Who was making moves against Mother’s party earlier…

and who is talking about forward block face to face while sitting in the assembly?

I can see everything.

Don’t worry.

I will handle things when it's time.

I …

wanted to talk to you about one more important thing, a little more…

Do you want some water?

It’s personal.

Let’s talk in private.

It’s alright…

I am already done.

You guys may continue.

Thank you!

You both may leave too.

Shahmeer, what’s your problem with Farah?

You know what the problem is.

She is very nice…

Intelligent, wise…

Affectionate, caring, she is so caring.

She took such good care of your Mother during her last days.


She was hired to take care of my Mother…

Not to have an affair with you.

Shahmeer, move on.

Whatever happened is past now. Let bygones be bygones.

Forget about it.

Should I forget about it?

When Mother saw you both together in front of me.

The torture she went through…

I suffered that pain.

She died that very day.

It's just…

She only had a few breaths left.

And I was not that young that I don’t remember anything…

Neither can I forget about it.

It would be better if you didn’t discuss these things with me.


What are you doing Father?

Dear, I am not doing anything, this egg is doing everything and I think it knows that…

It is being fried for our Hitler.

What did you say?

It is sacrificing in your love…

The way I am in love with you…

The egg is also crazy about you…This is what I said Shibra, right?

Sure, sure.

No, no, yes, yes.

I have an idea about your love, give it to me, or else you will get burnt.

Today is Saturday…

It is my responsibility to make breakfast and food…

So that I always remember…

My wife cooks such delicious food and breakfast in such hot weather.

It is done, the egg yolk has broken a little.

Let me take it out.

It's good at heart.


Hey…Pour the tea into the kettle.

Safia, go and call Sukaina.

Sukaina is not feeling well.

You move and let me do it.

OK, I will call her.

Open it, open it.

Open it, Mother.

Come on, go.

Finally, I can breathe.

Take a look at the tea.

What has he done?


what happened?

Are you ok?

Yes, this pain rises for no reason.

It gets fine in a while.

Get it checked by a doctor, come let’s take you.

Forget it.

Ok, go and sit inside, I will do it.

You go, I will do it.

Ok listen,

after work…

come home soon.

To meet you….A family is coming over

I will come.

Give it a thought Shahmeer….

You haven’t seen the buses here properly…

How will you be able to go inside?

Dear, I have traveled on many buses in London.

I will do it.

There are double-decker buses in London, and we have W-11 here.

Oh, man!



What happened bro?

Give me water.

All ok?

Buddy, how do these poor people travel in the buses?

I lost my breath man.

You know a man came close to me and he raised his hand like this.

You are laughing man.

He smelled so bad.

So finally, you are over with your crazy love.

You can’t even imagine dear…

I can turn into dust, where Shibra’s footsteps have tread.


Here you go, your tea brother.

Here is my tea.

Wow, man!

What a tea!


Only …

the presentation is a little off, otherwise…Try it.


Shahmeer, you have gone mad.

You are right.

As it is…The senses don’t work in love anyway.

You have forgotten about your time.

What happened with Maleeha?


I will die if I don’t get Maleeha.


Today, I have fallen in love and you can’t tolerate it.

Dear, I would not have been having tea with you here, if I would not been tolerating.

On the next morning of my wedding, wearing a silk shirt, with blow-dried hair…

I would have been eating French toast made by my Mother-in-law.

Why are you laughing?

Are you going to some function?

I have got married, I mean…

You finally started bragging.


I am not bragging.

Do you know what the problem is?

You have become frustrated.

Your ego is being hurt.

Because the Shahmeer Sikander, whom any girl in the world would have said yes to for marriage…

There is a girl in the world, who is rejecting Shahmeer Sikander.

This is the problem.

You are right.

It is so.

This is why…

to reach Shibra…

I have a plan.

It must be very stupid.

No, no.

There is no one in this world, except you, who can execute this plan.

Its only you.



Thank you!

Speak up.

Look, what is written over there.

Poor’s tea.


I ….

want to become a poor man’s son.

You cannot do this Shahmeer,

I mean what kind of a friend is Faraz to you, he is totally stupid,

he is not guiding you properly, you know how big is your family background.

If they get to know that you did something like that, it's going to be a disaster.

Sister-in-law, look at my condition, I am already going through a disaster, I am not normal at the moment.

Let me talk to Shibra first.




Sister-in-law, you said that she will turn off if she hears my name.

Let me talk to her my way…

No, you talk to her.

Please, please.

No, go ahead and take it.

Oh God!

I wish you had got me married after Shahmeer’s marriage….

I would not have been feeling so much of a bachelor at the moment.

And Maleeha!

What was the need to invite Shibra to our wedding?

You needed to invite him to our wedding.

Hello! Hi!


Yes Maleeha, how are you?

All is good, everything is chill, what’s up with you?

Nothing much…

I am waiting for the result since I have taken exams.

You tell me, how is your husband?

Is he taking care of you or not?

Yes, yes, show some respect, he is my husband now.

Dear, you will hold the position of a husband.

You will see how he will treat you like a wife.

It is also possible that there is a man destined for you, who will love you more than Faraz.

Wait a minute!

Are you bringing a proposal for me?

What did you say?

I said I hope you are not bringing any proposal for me.

If I say that I am, will you agree?

Oh come on,

there is no such man who can meet my father’s standards.

What if he meets the standards?


Listen to me…

A proposal is coming for me today…

Is it you who has sent that family?


Cancel it, cancel.

No, I mean…

I mean how can I be so cruel to you?


You know my name…

and its meaning too.

Yes, yes, my lioness, the world turns into a cat after looking at you.

Listen to me, hang up.

The boy’s family is here I think, the horn is honking and look at me, I am full of dirt, I will talk to you later, bye!

OK, ok, bye!

Cancel this proposal…

And find out about where is that boy coming from, that’s it.


I will kidnap him…


Yes Maleeha, he might become an Uncle.


Are you in your senses?

I mean to say, I might become an Uncle.

Is he…is he mad?

I mean, is he joking?

May I tell you something?

He can kidnap, he was serious.


Yes, sister in law!

Have you reached?

Yes, yes.

I have reached.

Now, it's up to your fate.

Listen to what she says, yourself.

I am putting the phone on speaker.


Done, done.


I thought that I would not be able to meet you for the next 2 to 3 months.

I have brought you a gift.

Faraz thinks that if we are together today, the reason behind it, is you…

So, you do deserve a gift.

Oh really…Rich people like Faraz, think about ethics too?

I also wanted to talk to you about something.

You will have to keep Faraz under control from now already…

Because these rich brats belong to no one…Neither…

You are thinking wrong, Faraz takes really good care of me.

I have seen how much he takes care of you.

Anyways, you are scared as if he is listening to our conversation.


I wanted to talk to you about something.

Go ahead.


you came to the wedding, right?

So, there was a boy there…

Yes, that boy likes me, right?

Isn’t it?


And that boy is very nice and belongs to a very big family.

Then ask him to bring a proposal and meet my Father.

What about your choice?

Doesn’t it mean anything to you?


Because I know that Father’s choice,

will be my choice.

And it is …

As simple as it may seem, Father’s choice is as complicated as it gets.

I did not get it.


Father wants and I also want…

That the boy’s family shouldn’t be corrupt at all.

No matter how poor he is…

He should earn permissible money.


I am telling you all this just because any proposal coming from your reference…

I don’t want that to create any misunderstanding among us, you know.

And you know me….

I get annoyed by hearing wrong things and those who speak wrongly….

And my meter turns off right after meeting them.

I know, I know.

And I know something very well…

That boy will be very lucky, who will have you written in his destiny

But why do I have a feeling that it's not the boy you are bringing the proposal for?


You love her so much?

May God fulfill all your wishes of getting poor.

Cast: Bilal Abbas Khan, Durefishan Saleem, Farooq Rind, Abdul Khaliq Khan
Written By: Abdul Khaliq Khan
Directed By: Farooq Rind
Produced By: Moomal Productions & MD Productions

© Pvt. Ltd 2023


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