Anjikuni Lake Mystery



Anjikuni Lake Mystery Story

On November 26, 1930,

a news was published on the front page of Canada's The Madin Daily Journal newspaper,

whose title was Village of

the Dead. This news sent a wave of fear across Canada

because an entire tribe in Northern Canada died

overnight without anyone. Nishanath had

disappeared somewhere.

Jam TV, the happy

Nazarene is present in a remote area of ​​North Canada.

This is Ng Ni Lake, on the banks of which a

the tribe called Eskimo lived in a small settlement.

About 100 to 150 people lived in it. There used to be people

who used to earn their living by catching fish from this lake.

This is an area of ​​Northern Canada

where only a

few thousand people live in an area of ​​not thousands but lakhs of square kilometers

and the reason for this is the harsh

weather here. Fishes in Angie Cooney Lake

Apart from this,

hunting of other animals is also done in the surrounding area and

for this many hunters keep coming here. It was

a cold day of November 1930 that

a hunter named Libel came to this area for hunting and

he got so busy in hunting. It happened that

he didn't even realize when it got dark. He

had an idea in his mind that

like before, he would go and spend the night with a tribe called Eskimo on the banks of Lake Anzken. The

people of this tribe were very happy to please the people coming from outside. He was

famous, so Joe Lebel

packed his things and started walking towards Eskimo.

It was a moonlit night but there was

complete silence from far and wide, neither

any person was visible nor anyone

's sound. He could hear only his steps. I was able to hear the sound,

although I had done this earlier also,

but today some

sound of noise started coming which was

kept by the people of the colony, but today

even when I reached close to the colony, there

was only desolation and silence, all this. Feeling this,

Joe increased the speed of his steps.

He felt that perhaps the villagers were sleeping

or had gone somewhere. Now from a distance

he was able to see the wells of the settlement

from which smoke was also seen rising. He was giving

but even after getting closer, he did

not hear anyone's voice. Finally, when Joe

entered the Lebel settlement, he was surprised to see

that there was neither a human being nor

an animal there, which was a surprise for Joe. The thing was

that smoke was visible rising from the top of some houses

as if

someone was present inside them. He went to a random camp

but there was no one present there and

similar was the condition of all the camps, perhaps the one who

saw this whole scene unseen. He would have finished and left from there,

but there was one thing that put Joe in

more trouble. In some houses,

cooking utensils were present on the stove,

but the food in them was burnt,

that is, someone had kept it to cook food for the night.

But he could not eat. Even the

clothes which were stitched by the women of the colony were

present there and there was

also thread in the needle. It seemed

that perhaps the people of the colony had suddenly left from here,

but where had they gone? Joelle Bell

started searching the entire colony. She saw

that the dogs that were kept by the tribal people had a

rope tied around their necks but the

dogs had died of hunger. Although there was

food available in front of the dogs, there was no

one to give them food. The human was not present there. At

one place, he saw a grave dug.

Looking at this grave, it seemed that it must

not have been much time since it was dug.

Seeing all this, the anxiety and fear of the label had

increased a lot.

Seeing this whole scene alone at night, I was very scared and the

people here

always keep their dogs with them whenever they go anywhere,

but after seeing all this, it seemed that perhaps

something strange has happened here, some such untoward incident has taken place.

People have been forced to go somewhere suddenly,

so much so that they

left behind their dogs, food, clothes and

could not even extinguish the burning fire. Seeing all this, he

could not bear it for long

and reached the nearest telegraph office as soon as possible. From

there he

raided the camps of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and

looked at them and narrated the situation.

When the police reached the village, whatever Libel had

told proved to be true. The police suspected

that perhaps someone had attacked her. And

all the people of the colony have been killed, but

if this had been the case then there would have been no signs of blood anywhere in the colony. If

blood had not been found then only

some things would have been scattered due to the fighting. The police

immediately started a search operation to find the villagers. During

this search operation,

a very unique thing was seen

which perhaps even Joe had not noticed. The entire

the settlement was covered with snow but there were

no footprints of anyone on that snow.

There were footprints of only one person. There were

no people and they were Joe Lebel's own, that is, if no

one came to this colony except Joe and

no one went, so where did the people of the colony go? There was

snow on the lake too and the

boats of the people of the colony were standing on the ground

Because there is no fishing in this season, hence the

boats were pulled to the ground and

parked. If the people of the

the colony went somewhere swimming in the lake or

someone killed them and threw them in the lake, then there would be a

layer of ice on the lake. It

must have been broken or scattered from somewhere.

Police also came to know during the investigation

that these people had gone missing six days before Joe came here

because dogs do

not die due to starvation for a day or two and they do not go away from their homes. The smoke coming out

was a sign that not

much time had passed since they left this place because it was the smoke

that keeps coming out for a long time even after the wood is extinguished. The


had a lot of questions but there was not a single answer for

many months. After the search operation, the

police finally closed this case forever by labeling it as unsolved

and with time people also forgot it.

After 50 years of this incident, in 1984,

Roger Bohr and Nigel Blunder were named. Writers

wrote an article and tried to connect this whole matter

with aliens. They

told in their article that when they went near

Anzkan Lake to explore this area,

they found a hunter and his

two sons there. They said that often

They have seen some objects flying over the lake

whose shapes are different

and they were flying towards the same settlement

where the Eskimo tribe lived. Based on this story,

it was said that perhaps

aliens had landed that night and all the people present in the settlement were killed.

These two writers did

not have any concrete evidence of the presence of aliens and their attack, hence

most people did not believe it

and rejected this theory. After this,

many people started thinking about the disappearance of the Eskimo tribe.

Started making different stories about it,

but the reality is that it has been 100 years since this incident happened,

but till date

no one has the answer to the question that where the people of Ang Kini Lake

the settlement goes without any trace.

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