Ishq Murshid - Episode 03


Ishq Murshid - Episode 03

God bless, and may you live long dear.

What is your name?

Shibra…Shibra Suleman.

May God bless you, your name is very beautiful.

May God bless your fate.

I have heard that you have acquired two Master’s degrees.

Yes, I have done a Master's in political sciences, and now I am doing a Master's in International Relations.

I am appearing in the final exams.

What are your plans after that?

: I have to attempt CSS, I am preparing for that only.

Surprisingly, a highly educated and beautiful girl like you has not been married yet.

Sister, this house belongs to Shibra too and…

As long as marriage is concerned…

I haven’t found a suitable match for my Shibra.

You may say…that you have found him, brother

Tanveer is one in a million.

He earns billions.



We were told that the boy was a public servant, he was a civil servant.

Yes, yes brother, the boy is a government officer by God’s grace.

Didn’t your wife tell you about which department he is in?

Yes, I forgot to tell you.

He is an income tax officer.


Do you take bribes dear?


What kind of a question is this?

Father is asking if you take the bribe.

Impermissible earning.

Behave yourself, girl, this is not the way to talk.

Father, their tone shows that he takes bribes for sure.

Your daughter is insulting us, Mr. Suleman.

She is compelled by this habit, she does exactly like that,

whenever she hears the name of a corrupt person,

she starts behaving in the same way as she just did.

What do you mean?

You are repeating the word corrupt.

I want to ask you, who in the present times does not take bribes?

Just mention one name.

Suleman Sikander.

He is sitting right in front of you.

Please, you may leave.

My Father is not interested in this proposal.

We also are not interested in tying any knots, do you guys get it?

Let’s go, Tanveer.

We ought to go.

Hey Razia listen! Wait.

I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.

You did the right thing but…

People these days consider it wrong.

This path is not as easy as you think it is, Shahmeer.

We will have to hide at every step and if…

If anyone finds out at any point then the game is over.

Can’t you do this much for me?

Come on man.


Get ready then.

To become poor.

It will be done.

I will do something.

It will be done for sure.

Hot bread.

Father, should I give you?

No, I will take it.


I will bring more, should I bring more?

Mother, have food, why aren’t you guys eating?

I don’t think they both are in a good mood.


Why is their mood off?

It’s me whose marriage did not get fixed and they are the ones with the bad mood…wow!

What should we do then?

Should we celebrate?

Do you have any idea how hard I tried to find this proposal?


Of a corrupt man.

Father, talk to your wife.

Which world does she live in?

In the present world…

Where you and your Father don’t live.

Keep quiet Safia, you know that I don’t talk while eating.

You don’t talk anyway.

You only make decisions.

After that, it doesn’t matter to you if anyone lives or dies.


What do you want?

Safia, do you want me to ruin my hereafter for your sake and the sake of this world?


Do you want my girls to get settled with corrupt men who earn illegal money while I,

on the other hand, have worked hard all my life to earn legal money…is this what you want?

I just want my daughters to get married and leave this house honorably.

Can you do this for me?

Will you be able to do that much?

You are being childish.

Which Father…

Which Father would not want his daughters to get married honorably…

And see joys in their eyes, who would that be?



You don’t want your daughters to get married honorably.

You don’t want to see joy in their eyes.

Enough Safia.

Ok Father, forget it, eat the food…

Shouting would do no good.

Look into Sukaina’s eyes for once only.

You might not have the courage to say anything after that.

Ok Father, forget it, eat your food, come.

Mother, you are too much, what’s the need?


Mother, why do you get started all the time?

I don’t get it.

Where are you going now, eat your food at least.


Why are you laughing, have you gone mad?

Yes, it seems so.

I had heard that there is a fool’s paradise too…

Today, I found out that right here.

You go and check on Father, I will go and check on Mother.

Yes, please, thank you!



No, I just got a little hurt.

For the first time, I felt like…

I have become a little weak.


Mother is a little upset these days.

Everything will be fine.


Not because of what your Mother said.

Sukaina’s eyes…

shook me…

let me down.

No Father…

It is not possible.

You are the world’s best Father.

You can never let us down

Forget it…

Or I will start crying.

No, no, why would you cry, you will not cry at all.

We both are friends, right?

Are we both friends?

Are we?

One of us has to stay strong.

Today is my day or we both will shatter.

Lioness, isn’t it?

Forget it then.

OK, tell me, what have we decided?

Who is the captain of this house?




What did we name Sukaina?


And what about Mother?

Only saying it frightens me.



Forget it.

Will you have tea?


I will bring, a very good one.

I will fry some snacks too.


We will eat it right here.


I don’t need the guards.

No one should follow me.

Stop the car, Safdar.

What happened Shahmeer Sir?

How much can I trust you?

As much as you trust yourself…

Way more than that Mr. Shahmeer.

Go back.

If Father asks, tell him I am with Faraz.

Mother, spit your anger on your enemies and have some water.

A little bit, please.

Your Father stays hungry and water gulps down my throat…

Is that possible?

If you love Father so much then why do you argue so much?

Because I am a Mother along with being a wife.

I stay worried about you guys.

I know Mother.

But you know,

you shouldn’t have brought that proposal for Sister.

You are right.

But I was helpless because of you.

Because of me?

What do you mean?


I had thought that if this proposal would get fixed…

I will be able to do something for Zohaib through that boy…

But everything went wrong.

Wow, Mother!

You are great.

I mean, you had planned so far…

Keeping Father so close to you.

You should have taken my advice at least.

You haven’t become a Mother yet…

So, you will not be able to understand.

Ok fine…you may relax now…

And sit on the boat of faith.


If God has destined something good for us…

Then He will make someone the source for it…

Isn’t it?

Come on, give it to me.

Have some water.

That’s it.



Give me the money man.

Oh yes, have to pay the fare too.


Where will I get the change from?

Where will I get the change of 5000 men?

Hey, listen…Listen to me, man.

He is such a crazy man.

Here you go, Madam.

Put some more tomatoes, you have put less.

Madam, this is very expensive.

Yeah right, you guys have made it expensive.


Come on son…

Kalla, kalla, kalla, kalla, kalla, kalla.

What is your name?

Fazal Bakhsh.

Fazal Bakhsh.

You had said you belong to where?

I had told you…


UK, Umer Kot.

The great king of the subcontinent ..King Akbar was born there…

The UK.

Are you a pilot?


Seems like so from your dressing.

If you are a pilot then I am a pilot too…Of my stall.

Kalla kacha.

Will you work for me?

Of vegetables?

I need to copy your appearance.






How do I look?

Hmm, now you look nice.

Do you love her that much?

A lot.

You are jealous, right?

It's ok, it's ok, I will keep visiting, not much but I will come for sure.


your brother has planned everything to make you poor.

Thank you so much, man.


May God fulfill all your desires of becoming poor.

Ok, listen…

Everything in this is fake…


Except for your love.

There is an advantage too.


You look poor from your looks…

So, you will not have to act.

Was it a joke?

From which angle do I look like a clerk to you?

What would I have done?

Would I have made you a doctor or an engineer?

You should have made me a high school graduate at least.

Poor people are like that man…

What is wrong with you?


Anyways, listen…

You have to do everything very carefully.


Because if your Daddy finds out or anything goes wrong…

Your Daddy might save you…

But he will send me straight to central jail…

And will not give the ticket to my Father too.


In my love story….

You are putting your share

What could happen to the maximum?

You will die…

Then die.

You will be remembered among the martyrs…

And not among the anonymous…

Think about it.

What are you saying man, I just got married brother.

It doesn’t matter man.

You are the friend of the future PM.

I will not let anything happen to you.

But buddy, good job…

Proud of you.


You have become poor now…

Poor don’t drink juice.

Poor people suffer

Very good,

It's yummy.

Brother, where is Mr. Suleman’s office?

This one.

Where is Mr. Suleman’s office?

That room over there.

Sir, may I come in?

Greetings Sir!



What do I do?


We will inform you when the job is available.

Did you find it?

Yes Sir.

It took you quite a long.

It took some time to find it, Sir.

OK, you may go.

Yes, go.

Greetings sir, I am Fazal Bakhsh, son of Khuda Bakhsh.

What do you think?

Your reality will change by telling your name.

I know very well…

Who you are…

Why and how have you come here?

What do you mean Sir?

Who am I?


Who has come on recommendation without merit?

Isn’t it,

Mr. Fazal Bakhsh?

No Sir what you consider a recommendation, I consider it a source.


Did you get Aladin’s magic lamp ….

which lead you here on the Chief Secretary’s recommendation?

Sir, actually the thing is that when it comes to the love of God,

the paths to your destination unfold automatically.

I did not get it, what are you trying to say?


I have a story…

It's true, will you listen to it?

No, I don’t have that much time.

Sir, the sun was setting and I was sitting by the river praying to God,

oh God! Get me a lawful job…

Sir…In the meantime, I heard a mother’s agonizing cries…

Sir, her child was drowning in the river,

that Mother was calling me and Sir I was standing right there Sir…

I …

My throat has become dry Sir, can I get water?

Amjad, bring him water.

The sun was setting?

Yes Sir.

The child…

Yes, give him water.

The sun was setting, the child was drowning, and you heard a Mother screaming, what happened then?


What happened after that, Fazal Bakhsh?

Sir, after that…

I did not look here and there Sir, I just jumped.


Sir, trust me when I took that child out from the river and handed him over to his Mother,

That mother hugged the child…

Sir, my faith became even stronger.

And that moment became the source of my job.

Can I sit sir?


Thank you!

How did it become a source?

Sir, Mr. Akhtar,

the Chief Secretary.


Mr. Ahmad, that woman turned out to be his sister.

She asked me, what do you want in return,

I said get me a good and lawful job, she said I can show you the path but the rest is up to you…

So, Sir, I said 100%.

Sir, I took the test honestly, and honestly speaking Sir,

I have reached here with my Mother’s blessings.

Take a look at it, Sir.

Where did you obtain your education from?

From UK, Sir.


Umer Kot.

You look quite interesting.

Thank you, Sir.

Sir, I think you won’t believe in my story.

No, no…

It could be true and false too but…

Will you have tea?



If you will offer then I will have it, Sir.

Bring tea, Amjad.

I want to believe and…

This story might be true and it might not be true.

What if I take your test?

Sure Sir, whenever you ask for it. I will give it right now.

Have your tea then.

Ok, Sir.

Mr. Abdul Rehman!

Tell Haroon Baig…

To understand the critical situation.

I will have to throw some bones to stop this forward block.

Give him my message.

Tell him, that Dawood was saying that the wind is blowing.

The opportunists are waiting.

Even the cheapest opportunist is not less than 30-35 crores.

Don’t teach me.

He will send messages to me through random people.

Will he teach me?

Explain this to Haroon Baig.

If the government is no longer in our hands then he should forget about the next election too.


Relax Dawood.

You are already not well.

How should I relax?

Everything is slipping off my hands.

Your compassionate friend, Haroon Baig…

He is not even answering my calls.

He has halted the funds too.

What if something happens to the party?

Nothing will happen to the party.

I will just talk to Haroon.

You may do what pleases you.

He is not attending anyone’s call.

Yes, Haroon.

Dawood is very upset.

He is responsible for that.


He can’t handle his party on one hand…

And on the other hand, that forward block is pressurizing him.

And you want me to give funds to this dying party.

Try to understand…

And explain it to Dawood too…

That if he stays drunk like this all night long…

His party might drown.

But Haroon.

Farah, Farah, Farah, look…

Politics is the most expensive game in this world, which requires trillions of investments.

Give me one good reason why should I invest in this party, tell me.

Shahmeer Sikander.

That kid.

He is not a kid, Haroon.

Trust me…

If someone can save this party…

Then it’s only Shahmeer Sikander.

You seem quite impressed by him.

Trust me Haroon.

It's me who is saying this.

Tell me what is he doing these days?

Hey mister!

Stop playing this game…


And start working.

So many files?

What’s in them?


Don’t you know?


Stand up.


Stand up a little.

Have you ever noticed yourself?


So handsome …

and good looking…

Do you know….

the discussion about your good looks on social media has reached America from London.

Are you telling the truth?

Yes, I am telling the truth.

Can you see these files?

There are marriage proposals for you from all over the world in them.



if you be kind enough…

And take a little time out of your precious schedule and choose a proposal from it…

This servant will be grateful to you for a lifetime.

You were a comedian before you got a job, right?

Shut up!

I am your immediate Boss.


Abdul Rehman.

Head clerk.

Do you understand?

Yes, Sir, I will not do it again Sir, it was a mistake.

Don’t make such a mistake next time.

Sure, Sir.

Munawwar brother!

Yes, Abdul Rehman brother.

Teach him the job…

And ….

tell him about the office discipline too.

It was a mistake, Sir.

Where do these fools come from?


Ok Abdul Rehman's brother, I will explain it to him properly.

Ssh! Fazal Bakhsh!


Pick up that file.

Which one?

Pick both of them.

This one?

Yes, yes, both of them.

Pick them up.

This file here…


It has the attendance of the entire staff.


And the file below it


has everybody’s salary sheet.


You will have to tally the attendance of the entire staff and generate their salaries.



Yes, it will be done.

And yes.


One more thing.


The 10% allowance, implemented by the government recently…


Adjust that too in these salaries.

Do you get it?



It will be done.




Are you my friend?

Sure, sure.

Tell me something.

Go ahead.

Who was that?


Fawad khan.

Fawad Khan, I have heard his name.

It’s not him.

Ok, ok, ok, does he work here?


He brings diet food for Mr. Suleman from his house.



Does he have some disease?


What illness does he have?

Tell me something.


Have you come here to work or to do PhD on Mr. Suleman?

Why are you getting upset, I was joking, you are being angry for no reason.

Is this a joke?

I will be back.


What’s your name?

Fawad khan.

You have the same attitude.

Will you have tea?

Will you pay for it?

How much do you earn?


Why are you asking?


Take this 20,000.


What is this for?

You will work for me.


What’s the job Boss?

You will not bring food from Mr. Suleman’s house…

You will stay home …

and will chill.

Job for doing nothing…

Who wouldn’t accept it?

That’s it, stay happy and have tea.

I pray for you from my heart Boss…

God will take your love story to the moon.


And will bless you with 10 kids.

Why 10 kids?

My job will continue then.


It’s not a small job.

Additional Director accounts.

Land department, by the way.

Do you have any idea how big is the post?

One can say…

That it’s a treasure full of power and money which is open…

But he doesn’t want to give me the job even to get his daughter settled.

God knows what kind of a Father you have.

What do you think about your Mother?

Don’t talk about my Mother…

Mother has such a long life.

: She has come here too.



Where are you right now?

I am ….

with friends.

I know everything…

With friends.

The bullet you are with…

I know that.

Let me talk to her.

Mother, I …

I said let me talk to her.

Mother wanted to greet you.

She just wants to greet you. She is your Mother in law, after all, come on.

Greetings Aunty!

Listen Madam!

The amount of money that you are making my son spend…

Note that in your Father’s account.

if I don’t get a return with interest….

I will fix you

And yes, listen to one more thing very carefully…

If my son doesn’t get a job this time…

Then arrange for gallows for yourself instead of a wedding palanquin.

Do you get it?



come here.

come here.

Are you following me?

I have been noticing for many days now.

You are following me, right?

Do you want a beating?

No, no, I am not chasing you, your money is following you, these 170 rupees.

Count it.

170 rupees?

Which 170 rupees?

We met that day.

You were scolding the taxi driver, you did not have the chance…

You came in the cab to the wedding, try to remember.

At the wedding.

Aaa…The event management guy.


Ok, but…

I said it just like that.

When I feel hungry, I go to a wedding wearing my suit.

Don’t you get recognized or get caught?


You know, let me tell you something.

I got a suit stitched for 15000 rupees.

The one you saw that day, that suit.

Whenever I feel like going to a wedding, I go there wearing that suit.

It has happened so many times that some children have seen me

and thought I was an actor and took selfies with me.

By the way…

I have become your fan…

I swear.

You fixed Aftab’s son so well that day, I swear upon God, I felt very happy.


You were scolding that rich guy…

But this poor man’s heart was feeling at peace.

If you would have been in my village, I would have given you a village stroll on my shoulders.

Are you done?


Are you done?



Madam, I forgot to tell you something…


My name is Shibra.

What a beautiful name.

You know, my Grandmother’s name was Shibra too.



Your name is Shibra, my Grandmother’s name was Shibra, Shibra’s meaning is so beautiful…

That’s enough.

Go from here.

And yes, don’t follow me from now onwards.

Do you get it?




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